milkwood goes print!

as of recently, milkwood edition now also does linocut prints.
every item is still unique, i print every item by hand.

here’s a selection of the latest! the all new, all spring collection.

original moleskine linocut journal – marie byrd land vintage (small)

From milkwood edition. Sells for $12.95.

this is a small, hand-printed, original moleskine journal. they are available in two different designs, sizes (the other one is large), and colors. the small moleskines come in classic black; when ordering a large journal, you can choose between classic black and a more rare dark blue color. all moleskines have blank pages and a back pocket for maps, postcards, business cards or anything else you might stumble upon.

linocut vintage style postcards in beautiful origami envelope – arctic fox

From milkwood edition. Sells for $6.95.

these are some of my new linocut postcards. so far i have mostly done hand-cut folded cards with envelopes, so the postcards are brand new. there are two different designs for these vintage style postcards, and they come in a pack of five cards. all hand-printed, all unique, and wrapped inside a beautifully folded origami envelope made from high-quality tracing paper.

click on the images to be taken to the shop!


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